projects • E.T.F.                                                Released: December 2007


A security checkpoint. Soldiers waiting for the player in a loading bay. Emergency lights illuminating the player's way.


E.T.F. is a short mappack for Half-Life 1 containing three action-packed maps. The story is yet another What-if-scenario that takes place in good old Black Mesa. Initially it was created for a single player contest at thewall.de (german mapping community, not online anymore).
Since I had to finish this one very quickly I re-used a lot of old stuff. Some of you will probably recognize some parts of the maps from my Lost source maps package.
The contest project however has never been completed, so I decided to release E.T.F. as a standalone episode. For more information, please refer to the included readme.txt!

Note: You need the latest version of Half-Life 1 via Steam.



E. T. F.


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